Gedenkfeier am ehemaligen Gelšnde des KZ-Nebenlagers Bretstein, Juni 2004 The "Association Auxiliary Camp Bretstein" is devoted to the maintenance of the memorial built on the former camp area. It is continuing the project Franz Stuhlpfarrer and his students of the HLW Fohnsdorf and the rural commune Bretstein initiated. The contact to the survivors and the further research work on the historical connections are parts of the aims of the association, as well as the organisation of cultural events and the explanation of the complex historical connections to the public. At the moment the organisation consists of about forty involved members. It stands for a free and democratic society and for the maintenance of the human rights, regardless whether nationality, political attitude and religion the human being has. It also stands for the protection of minorities. The association fights all kinds of fascism, racism, (Neo-)nationalism, Chauvinism and anti-Semitism. The association is politically independent, independent of any religion and a non-profit organisation. It is open to all people who want to support the association in an idealistic or materialistic way.

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